The season came to an end a few weeks back and the summers statistics are being processed now at the Icelandic Institute of Freshwater Fisheries.  Preliminary figures are indicating an impressive final number of 75.500 salmon caught which is a little bit over last years final number.
The total catch this season is the countries second best, but the former record since 2008 was of 84,124 salmons caught. In recent years the portion of anglers using the ´catch & release´ method has been growing rapidly. Salmons that have been released often get fished again so the final numbers might not be fully comparable with older historic numbers.
But even when the catch & release effect has been taken into account the final numbers of recent years is truly impressive.  The average final number of the last three years is 78,011 salmons which is 95% above the last 37 years, which is as far back as our data can reach. 

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